“Socialtyze’s campaign was wildly successful and the content was incredible, resulting in one of our most successful e-commerce product launches to date.”
Sarah Robinson
Village Candle, Digital Content & Brand

Over the past six years, Socialtyze has built a powerful talent network of celebrity and social media influencers. Our proprietary CSI Methodology, which stands for Creative, Safety, and Identification, aligns your brand with the right talent, creative ideas, and campaign execution.

Talent Network

Socialtyze uses its Qu© Technology to search, vet, and identify the perfect talent for your brand across our vast network of relationships built over the past 7 years.


In the event that we need to search outside of our immediate network, our Qu Technology allows us to filter through millions of creators in a few simple clicks by using keywords, location, size of reach, behavioral characteristics, and dozens of other terms to find the right influencers for you.


While many influencers might look good on the surface, we dive deep into the data to make sure that the demographics and psychographics of the audience are in line with your brand.

Brand sAfety

Our leading-edge fraud technology identifies the percentage of followers and engagement that are associated with bots to ensure that the talent that represents your brand has a high audience-quality score.  

Our Qu© Technology can ensure that you avoid the influencers that are playing games with fake followers and that you are only paying for real audiences.


Socialtyze's Qu© Technology provides a link to the results so you can see all the posts by influencer and by network all in one place, along with in-depth measurement data to track key results.

As a campaign completes, the Socialtyze team provides an in-depth report showcasing the overall metrics.

Case Studies

Nickelodeon’s spongebob

20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob Squarepants, Socialtyze recruited 8 influencers with a total reach of 3.9MM to create original content expressing their love and memories of SpongeBob throughout the years.

Village Candle

Fun Fantasy Collection

To launch their new collection of candles, Socialtyze recruited 12 influencers to create original content showcasing the various scents.

Layer cake

Southern Immersion

Socialtyze recruited several influencers from Southern California and the South to be part of the Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon Southern Immersion in Nashville. Throughout the weekend, influencers participated in unique activities where they shared content and spread the word about Layer Cake’s new Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon.

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