“Socialtyze makes big data actionable by telling engaging stories that turn warm prospects for your brand into hot participants.”
Iain Douglas
Former VP Global Strategy & Brand Development, VF Corporation

We live in the biggest information explosion in history

Ninety Percent of all available data was created in the last two years (Source: IBM), and most of it is useless to brands. Socialtyze reads the tea leaves of big data to find relevant insight that matters. We then make it actionable to drive awareness and sales.

Socialtyze Finds out

What people are saying about you.

What inspires your customer.

What drives intent to purchase your products or services.

Socialtyze’s team of data scientists and strategists use our Qu© Technology Platform to turn big data into small data, then we make it actionable.

Case Studies

Panda Express

Havin' A Bad Day

Using our Qu© Technology platform, our data scientists found that there is an incredible connection between "having a bad day" and going to Panda Express. From this data we can connect with customers by creating content that spreads joy and leans into the caregiver archetype.

Mercury Insurance

Rules of the Road

Socialtyze created an original content series called Rules of the Road that used real time feeback from Mercury's social pages. This series, which provides valuable driving and safety tips, has proven to be one of the biggest content breakthroughs for the brand and receives up to 12K shares per post.


Celebrity Roasting &
Carpool Karaoke

Socialtyze helped Jack in the Box to lean into trends that were spiking among M18-34. The Socialtyze analysts found that this group loved Car Pool Karaoke and Celebrity Roasting, so we wrote, directed, and produced this video with Nick Young (aka Swaggy P) formerly of the LA Lakers to promote Jack’s Brew House Burger.

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