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Who Won the Advertising Super Bowl?

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My Top 4 Picks

Here’s my analysis of the 4 top Super Bowl ads based on two criteria -

  • Which ones captured our full attention through the length of the ad?
  • How well did the commercial promote the brand?

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#4 - Bud Light 

With 58 cuts in :60 seconds, the ad kept our attention the whole time.

Creating “The Bud Light Genie'' was also brilliant. 

This is a campaign that has a ton of legs that Bud Light can run for years. After some seriously misguided moves, Bud Light is coming back.

#3 Doritos

Who didn’t love the superhero grandmas in Dorito’s Ad

The ad is all about the chase for the bag of Doritos. It doesn't need to talk about how star-spangled awesome the product is--the narrative implies that it’s excellent.

The names of the grandmas are Dina & Mita which is the name of their new brand, Doritos DinaMita. Brilliant!

#2  - Budweiser 

I am going with Budweiser again but for different reasons. 

Now, here’s the crazy thing about Super Bowl Ads. They cost $7 MM for :30 but the celebs alone can also charge up to $10 MM. How does Bud get around the celeb costs?

It creates serialized content with its mascot, the Clydesdales, who became the celebs themselves and are also a perfect representation for Bud, America’s Beer Brand--they exude patriotism, strength, and hard work..what’s not to love?

Bud is also brilliant at building narratives that pull at the heartstrings.

My reco. this year - Take a page out of Bud’s marketing playbook and start testing and building serialized content. Create your own celebs and iconic assets. It doesn’t happen overnight but it’ll boost your career and the brand in 12 - 24 months. 

#1 - I will be announcing #1 tomorrow on Social Media 😀 Interested? Go to my Instagram or LinkedIn page for the post. It is not what you think.  

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