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This Changes Video Making Forever

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So why is the world going GAGA over OpenAI’s latest announcement?

Well, for very good reasons.

Last Friday, when the world was prepping for the weekend, Sam Altman decided to drop the planet’s most advanced Text-to-Video model.

The sample footage instantly took the Internet by storm. The results are so good that if the news didn’t come directly from Sam, I wouldn’t have believed it. 

I also recently did a minute long video on my instagram on it. 

If you’re not a fan of reading, click on the link below and watch the video. 

What Makes It So Special?

Yea, yea, so what! It’s not the first TTV model. Isn’t Runway the same thing? What’s so special about this one?

So glad you asked. 

  • Sora is the only TTV AI model that can generate up to 60 seconds of video with a single prompt. Other models are still stuck at a 10 seconds limit.

  • With lots of gaming engine data, Sora is trained to simulate the physical world in motion, meaning every element of the video would simply make more sense. Lights, shadows, size ratio, expressions, you name it. 

  • Sora can generate complex visuals with multiple characters, intricate motion, and immense details. No more eight finger hands in your AI videos. 

What Will Change?

Sky's the limit now: With tech like Sora soon available to everyone, anyone can become a storyteller. You don’t have to have a crew of actors, a VFX team and stadium-sized studio to make films anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a full-fledged AI generated film by the end of this year. 

Visualization just got easier: Whether you’re a creative or product manager, showcasing your ideas has never been easier. Think - you just had a groundbreaking idea and you want to show it to your team. No need to spend hours with Storyboards, Sora got you covered. 

Custom Stock Footage: It’s crazy to even think we can now create any stock footage in any style with as much personalization as we want. Cowboys in space, POV of an origami ocean, or anything else. Whatever you can think, it can create. 

Who Can Access Sora?

While there’s no official announcement on when SORA will be released to the general public, OpenAI has made it accessible to a select few professional visual artists, filmmakers, and researchers. 

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