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In 2024, jumping on the philanthropic influencer bandwagon would not only add to your good karma but would also be smart business.

The audience admires the relatability and big hearts of these creators, showering them with attention and love. Result? Brands teaming up with these do-gooder influencers are hitting the jackpot. 

2024 is all about brands and influencers holding hands for a better world. Reaching out to your audience with polished, scripted ads is a thing of the past. You need to touch hearts and make a difference to shine.

Here's the lowdown on how you can ride this wave too - 

  • Team up for heartwarming campaigns that mesh your brand's values with the influencer's cause – it's pure storytelling gold.
  • Launch products where part of the proceeds goes to charity – then partner with charitable creators.
  • Share your brand's do-good stories through the influencer's lens. Nothing beats genuine tales of kindness.
  • Get your team involved in the influencer's charity drives – chances are you’ll land a part of their spotlight.

And because we love to spill the tea on who's who in the influencer marketing world, we've curated a list of the top philanthropic influencers you absolutely need to know about. Excited? So we are. 

But before we dive in, hey, it’s easier said than done - we get it. And We’ve got you covered.

Feel free to reach out to us at Socialtyze if you’d like some professional help in crafting data-driven influencer campaigns or selecting the right talent for your marketing (including our top suggestions below).

Mr. Beast

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast, is popular for something beyond jaw-dropping stunts and challenges. With a knack for doing something good, 204 million subscribers and billions of views, the YouTube sensation has turned philanthropy into viral content. 

In 2019, he initiated the #TeamTrees campaign, aiming to plant 20 million trees by 2020. With the help of his massive following, he not only reached but exceeded the goal, raising over $23 million for the Arbor Day Foundation

His unique blend of entertainment and altruism has set a new standard for influencers, proving that social media fame can indeed be leveraged for the greater good.

With a heart as big as his following, Mr. Beast, shows us that you can be both entertaining and a force for good.

Paul Nicklen

Meet Paul Nicklen, a man who wears many hats—photographer, filmmaker, author, marine biologist, and oh, let's not forget, a philanthropist with a heart of pure gold. With a following of 7.3 million on Instagram, Paul knows how to capture moments and hearts. 

Paul uses his platform to emphasize the urgent need for orca conservation and the preservation of Alaskan wildlife. His Instagram feed is a visual feast of Mother Nature's finest, from awe-inspiring orca shots to the untamed beauty of wilderness. 

As the co-founder of the non-profit SeaLegacy, Paul is charting a new course in ocean conservation.

Zachery Dereniowski

Zachery Dereniowski, or should we say @mdmotivator, the TikTok boss who's got 17.5 million followers hooked on his "gotcha" moments. 

But hold on, he doesn’t just do your run-of-the-mill pranks. Zachery's game is more like, "Hey, can you spare a dollar? Just kidding, here's $500!" Talk about a plot twist, right?

While some TikTokers are busy making folks squirm, Zachery's out here turning everyday Samaritans into overnight celebs. 

One video featuring a generous homeless man hit a jaw-dropping 38.6 million views. Another, where he flips the script on a wheelchair-bound man, skyrocketed to 69.9 million views. 

Our verdict – in a world where everyone's trying to "expose" each other, Zachery's busy exposing the best in us.

Adam Rippon 

As the first openly gay Olympic figure skater, Adam is a champion both in and out of the rink.

In 2018, Adam took his advocacy to the next level by launching a fundraising campaign for GLAAD, an organization fighting against LGBTQ+ defamation. 

His goal? To empower athletes and youngsters to embrace their true selves. And as you might have guessed – He's been killing it, raising over $40,000 for GLAAD's culture-changing youth programs.


And Adam's activism doesn't stop there. In 2020, Rippon donated to The Okra Project, a charity supporting underprivileged black transgender individuals. 

So, whether you're watching him land a triple Axel or scrolling through his empowering tweets, know that Adam Rippon is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the ice.


Bethenny Frankel

Hold onto your cosmos, folks, because Bethenny Frankel isn't just serving up reality TV drama—she's serving humanity through her BStrong fundraising. 

From the glitzy ballrooms of "Real Housewives" to the gritty frontlines of global crises, Bethenny's Instagram is a rollercoaster of glamour, and good deeds.

Earthquake in Turkey? She's on it. Crisis in Syria? Already there, darling. Talk about setting examples for other philanthropic Influencers!

And let's not forget our veterans; she's rallying the troops for them too. So, the next time you're scrolling through her feed between sips of your Skinnygirl Margarita, know that you're not just following a star, you're following a bona fide global guardian angel.

JT Laybourne

With 170k followers, JT Laybourne is a man who knows how to turn kindness into a viral sensation. 

Having gained massive traction for his recent "21 Days of Kindness" campaign, JT believes in taking small steps that make a big difference when it comes to spreading love and joy.

From giving a troubled kid a tour to a monster truck to fulfill his dream to handing out flowers to strangers on the street to giving tickets to the Super Bowl to a kid diagnosed with cancer, JT is leading a moment, steering us towards a kinder world. 

He’s also been consistent with his donations to the American Heart Association and has also been educating others on how they can help with his fundraising masterclasses on YT. 

The influencer world is evolving rapidly and for good – it’s not just about all glam and the latest trends anymore. 

These philanthropic influencers are living proof that you can have your cake, eat it, and share it too. 

From planting trees to empowering marginalized communities, they're using their privilege to make the world a better place, one click at a time.

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