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Nothing Micro about the Power of Nano Influencers in Driving Results

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The BIG GAME this past Sunday reminded us of our Super Bowl campaign that we ran for [yellow tail] wines that generated 1,500 fantastic UGC videos to introduce the brand's new tagline, Tastes Like Happy, driving massive foot traffic to Costco, Publix and other grocery stores to purchase the wines leading into the Super Bowl.

Our campaign was a nano-Influencer program that brought together an Army of Davids to pack a Goliath-Sized punch for [yellow tail] on Super Bowl Sunday.

Although the campaign was fantastically successful generating over 1 Billion free publicity impressions two years ago, the concept to use Nano Influencers was before its time.

The real opportunity for Nano Influencers is in 2021.

Why? You may ask.

The technology and networks have matured so that it is highly affordable to build, activate and measure Consumer Advocacy at scale. For example, Socialtyze has perfected its technologies and partnerships so that we now pull from our network of 300,000 vetted and approved Nanos to pick the ones that are just right for each of our brands.

Here are 5 Core Benefits to Going Nano now -

  1. Acquire New Customers- When running a Nano campaign you are guaranteed to generate new customers as the Nano’s themselves are your clients at scale. Receive 1,000, 10,000 or 50,000 new customers guaranteed depending on your budget.
  2. Pinpoint Targeting- You can build your Nano Ambassadors through a highly refined vetting process that searches by specific criteria so you will know that these advocates fit your customer profile.
  3. Build Your Army of Raving Fans- It is now simple to build raving fans at scale, i.e. advocates that you can tap into with every campaign to build momentum with your brand among their friends, generating more customers for you. On average, Socialtyze’s Nanos have a social reach of 2,000 like-minded followers.
  1. Connectivity - Nanos personally know most of their followers and are influential in persuading their real-life friends to consider your product or service. Engagement rates for Nanos are 4-10% of the follower base, which is significantly higher than any other type of influencer tier.
  2. CRM 2.0 - With Nanos you have the opportunity to build CRM on steroids. It’s B2C2C. In essence, you can use Nanos to spread your brand message to their friends on a continuous basis, and we know that people listen to their friends much more than they listen to messages coming from a brand.

Those are 5 good reasons to consider Going Nano in 2021 and we kept it short. There are plenty more benefits to building your Army of Raving Fans to drive your business forward.

If you’re interested in exploring how Nanos could fit with your current marketing goals this year, contact us at and we’d be happy to customize ideas for you.

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