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Immunity Boost Festival: A Livestreaming Music & Health Festival

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Socialtyze ended 2019 saying we couldn’t wait to tell magical stories in 2020. Boy, were we surprised by how much the world would need them.In our darkest moments we are most in need of magic and inspiration, which we believe can come from anywhere. As such, earlier this year we set out to do what we feel we do best: inspire and empower people to live their best lives — and introduce them to products and services along the way.With the support of Gibson, Thrive Market, Veggie Grill, and ElliptiGO, we conceived and launched the Immunity Boost Platform, a health and wellness concept designed to provide Inspiration for a Healthier World. We launched the platform with the creation of The Immunity Boost Festival, a livestreaming event that is taking place now through this Sunday on Facebook and Instagram.

We believe that Health = Wealth & Happiness, and the benefits of healthy living are clear. Research has shown that vitality is directly correlated to happiness and financial success. We also know that the equation for healthy living is simple:

  • Eat well
  • Sleep well
  • Exercise frequently

Unfortunately, as a country we are failing ourselves when it comes to health. Only 20% of Americans meet recommended physical fitness levels, and by 2030, half of American adults are expected to be obese.* The U.S. is only the 18th happiest and 35th healthiest country in the world. Finland and Denmark are the happiest, while Spain and Italy are the healthiest. And 60% of the happiest countries on earth are also the healthiest.**Socialtyze decided to make a difference by inspiring Americans to live healthier lives both during and after the pandemic. The Immunity Boost Festival consists of three core elements 1) highly inspirational, purpose-driven people 2) the power of social media, and 3) the ongoing rise in livestreaming.Our platform includes 200 influential and inspirational personalities who are passionate about changing the current health epidemic. Many incredibly healthy musicians have joined world-class health experts and fitness pros to inspire change.These passionate people include Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, and Steve Aoki as part of the overall platform and for the current festival we are featuring Ziggy Marley, Colbie Caillat, Mark Pontius of Foster The People and others — all of whom are incredibly mindful of what they eat and how often they exercise.

A Special Live Performance and DiscussionwithZiggy Marley and Gold Medalist, Asafa Powell

Health and fitness experts in the platform include Dean Karnazes, “one of fittest men on the planet,” according to Men’s Fitness; Asafa Powell, an Olympic gold medalist in the 100m dash; as well as a wide range of doctors; nutritionists; and experts in food, medicine and wellness.

Fueling Success

How Jesse Itzler's Diet and Exercise Routines Fuels His Success

Join us at the Immunity Boost Festival to gain inspiration for a healthier world and explore a wealth of knowledge about food, health strategies, and fitness routines. The event runs now through 10/11--for the full schedule, please visit at

Cross-Training Exercises withOne of the Fittest Men on the PlanetPresented by ElliptiGO

Colbie CaillatSunday Brunch with Colbie Caillat and Veggie Grill

See you at the festival. If you’d like to learn more about being a sponsor or joining our platform as a talent, please contact us at


* Health and Economic Burden of the Projected Obesity Trends in the USA and the UK. The Lancet; 2011.** U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People 2020 World Happiness Report, 2020 and Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index

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