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The whole world is talking about AI but how can it work specifically for you?

What are the leading tools that can save you a ton of time and allow you to make thumb-stopping content?

Below, I have listed a number of AI tools, tips, and hacks across Content Creation, Social Media Management & Data Insight.


No brand can be built without high quality content. PERIOD.
Here are some ways in which AI can help:

Personalized Content: Tools based on analytical GEN LLM models like and can process the personas of your target audience, their interests, and pain points. 

With personalization at heart, they help you craft content that directly appeals to your prospects’ hearts and makes them hit that big fat FOLLOW button. 

Content Optimization: Remember, everything you publish goes through a tight algo check on social media.

The latest integration of AI into existing content forward tools has made optimization a lot easier for creators.

Use Semrush AI for seamless market research and competitor analysis, and feed the insights to Narrato to generate content that’s made to win on social media.

Multilingual Content: Mr. Beast is dubbing his content in Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic and many other languages to reach more regional viewers. Why shouldn’t You?

And here’s the crazy part – you don’t need to be as rich as Mr. Beast to have studio quality dubs. Do it in one click using any of the following - 


Now, on to the second most important pillar of social media – social media management. We predict that analytics-forward AI platforms will help creators streamline their social media and will also add a pinch of automation. It will -

  • Save your time
  • Be Cheaper
  • Be more efficient

Social Media Monitoring: AI tools like Brand24 can monitor your social media accounts and notify you of any new activities that require your attention, like important mentions.

Optimized Posting: Tools like Hootsuit AI can suggest the best times to post based on your audience's online activity. With accurate pattern recognition, it will also help ensure your posts have maximum reach and impact.

Personalized Messaging: Chatbots that personalize user experience are already the talk of the town. But did you know that they can help you send personalized messages to your network, answer certain queries with workflows, and provide 24/7 assistance?

Yes – CRAZY but true. Zapier AI and Manychat are good starting points if you’re a beginner.

Analytics and Reporting: AI has the capability to sift through your social media metrics, offering valuable insights about how your audience interacts and what they prefer. 

For analytics and reporting to build your brand on social media with AI, consider Sprinklr's AI-powered tools. This suite offers insights from over 30 digital channels, integrating them into easy-to-understand reports for smarter decision-making. 

By leveraging AI for social media management, you can save time and effort, improve your branding strategy, and engage with your audience more effectively.


How do you expect to grow a following if you’re not catering to what they want to consume?

AI boosts your brand by digging into big data to uncover what your audience loves and how they behave. Let's look at the different ways AI does this:

Predictive Analysis: AI tools like PredicHQ can examine past data to forecast upcoming trends and behaviors. This enables you to craft content or promotions tailored to what has worked in the past and future needs.

Lookalike Audiences: AI detects common traits within your current audience to form similar groups, broadening your influence and connecting you with people likely to resonate with your brand. Facebook Lookalike Audience might be where you want to start for this.

Sentiment Analysis: AI models are capable of going through online discussions to gauge emotional tone, enabling you to shape your communications to match the feelings and interests of your audience. We found Keyhole and Brandwatch do an excellent job at sentiment analysis.

Personalized Recommendations: AI tools for branding like Buffer Analyze can tailor personalized suggestions for your content by learning from your audience's likes and actions on social media. 

This lets you foster deeper bonds and build your brand in the right direction.

So there you have it. 

AI sure sounds like a great assistance in building a brand on social media. 

These advanced AI platforms will - 

  • Give you the lowdown of what your followers want
  • Personalize your audiences’ journeys
  • Save you tons of time

It is not just the car that wins, NASCAR races.  It’s the driver in the car.   

When building a brand, it’s super-important that you stay consistent, tell effective stories with content, and let your personality shine. 

If you’d like some help with that, contact us.  Our leading Creative Strategists work with top Content Creators with millions of followers in Social Media to help brands, agencies and creators to excel.

We don’t run your social media, we empower you to make it better.

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