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The Great American Takeout

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Support The Great American Takeout

Join Socialtyze in supporting #TheGreatAmericanTakeout to help our restaurant friends during this difficult time.A coalition of restaurants including Panera Bread, Veggie Grill, The Habit Burger Grill, Lemonade and many others are asking Americans to join in on The Great American Takeout today, March 24th. During this time you're encouraged to order at least one meal for pick-up or delivery to show support for your restaurant community.COVID-19 has posed an existential threat to an industry that employs more than 15 million people across the United States. Dine-in is no longer an option, so ordering for pick-up or delivery is a way to support the people who work at the restaurants in your area. On March 17th, the and CDC stated there is little evidence that the Virus can be transmitted through food or packaging.Here's how you can join in on The Great American Takeout TODAY!

  1. Post to your social media and encourage your friends and followers to take part in #TheGreatAmericanTakeout.
  2. You can screenshot this graphic and use it to promote #thegreatamericantakeout
  1. When you pick-up or receive your meal, take a picture of it and tag the restaurant and use the hashtag #thegreatamericantakeout

We are all in this together and we can all do our part to help each other out. We hope you stay encouraged to continue supporting your local restaurants and their employees by ordering for delivery or take-out in the weeks and months to come.For more information on The Great American Takeout, click here.

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