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Best Super Bowl Ads To Watch

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Who Will Win The Day

I can’t predict who will win the game but if you’re into Super Bowl marketing, you are in for a treat regarding the ads.  

After a poor performance last year, the ad community has rallied and created some pretty cool 30 and 60 second spots. 

Here’s my top prediction for 5 that are worth waiting around for -

Taylor Swift will not be the only celeb in the Super Bowl, the ads will be packed with tons of celebs - 

  • Uber Eats - The Beckhams, Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer
  • Michelob Ultra - Messi, Dan Marino and Jason Sudeikis 
  • Bud Light - Peyton Manning and Post Malone 
  • - Tina Fey and Glenn Close

….to name a few. 

The only thing that I still don’t get is that many of the ads still feel old school.

They entertain me, but they don’t really sell the product.  

Apparently, many companies are still fine spending $7 MM + production + talent fees to create an ad that may make people laugh for :30 but don’t drive any core message, which is why I will forget most of the ads that I see on Sunday. 


I will say, “that one with Jennifer Anniston'' and then fail to remember who it was for or worse quote the competitor. 

I do think, however, that many brands are doing it right!

Check for my blog and Social Posts on Monday with my analysis of who won the day and why from a marketing perspective.

The rules have changed, and there is an art to weaving a narrative and selling a brand, particularly in today’s culture. 

It’s usually not the ads everyone is talking about.  

See you after the game!

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