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5 ways Gen AI can help creators and influencers in 2024

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AI, AI, AI…..if you’ve also heard this term over and over online for the past year, you’re not alone. 

While there’s still some time before bots take over the world, generative artificial intelligence is changing the way most industries work.

And the creator space is no exception.

The good news? There’s a plethora of ways these advanced Gen AI models can help content creators grow in 2024.

That’s exactly what we’ll find out in this blog. Top examples of AI technology for creators. Excited? So we are. 

Create videos in seconds with text

If you’re a content creator or are planning to become one in 2024, you’re in great luck. 

About a year ago, crafting a video just by typing in some text sounded like something straight from a sci-fi movie. 

Now, as we’re about to say ba-bye to 2023, we already have a bunch of advanced TTV models that redefine how video is created. Can you believe the videos below were created entirely using AI? 

But John, why should I care? Glad you asked - 

  • Low-cost production
  • Studio quality outputs
  • Diverse videos, wider appeal
  • Saves you endless hours

Text-to-video tools are ideal for simpler videos. These AI video generators take your script, split it into generative scenes, and add background visuals and voiceovers. Our top picks are -

  1. RunwayML 
  2. Stable Video Diffusion
  3. Pika Labs

Create life-like AI avatars:

What if we told you - You don’t have to be on camera or hire a model to shoot a video with a specific face and body?
Well, buckle up, because with the latest video Gen AI models, this wild fantasy also gets real with just a few simple clicks.
To give you some background, AI avatars are digital representations of people that are created using artificial intelligence.

Programmed to adapt to user preferences and interests, they offer a customized experience like never before.

Whether it's suggesting the perfect product, delivering the latest news, or simply creating content that feels like it was made just for your audience (and by YOU), these AI avatars have got your back. 

And the cherry on top? You can create your very own AI replica with tools like HeyGen

Just input your script, train it with a snippet of your video, configure it to your preferences, and voila – a digital twin that speaks and acts like you. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Break the language barrier with AI

If you’ve watched the viral video of Mr. Beast speaking in French, Japanese, and Spanish and ended up dropping your jaw, you know what we’re talking about.
More than half of the world’s population can communicate only through their native languages. 

That’s how many people you’ll never reach if you’re content is only distributed in one language. 

But hey, what’s new here. Dubbing has been a part of media business for years. 


Traditional dubbing can be pricey, requiring professional voice actors, lots of equipment, and studio space. AI dubbing offers a cheaper option, cutting down all these costs. 

By using Gen AI powered tools like ElevenLabs and HeyGen for dubbing your videos, you -

- Save thousands of $ 

- Can create more in less time

- Get consistent voice quality outputs

Whether you’re a podcaster, YouTube creator, E-Learning course developer, audiobook publisher, or video game dev, you can’t afford to sleep on these Gen AI models. 

Repurpose videos with 1 click 

This fresh breed of AI video tools has gained popularity recently. 

They let you transform your lengthy videos into bite-sized clips perfect for social media, effortlessly in just a few clicks.

As an Internet marketer in business for over 25 years, I remember the tedious task of sifting through 90-minute webinars to find and clip those 60-second gems.

Well, thanks to the recent wave of Gen AI, you don’t have to slog through that anymore. 

Just upload the video and the algorithm will analyze the most important tidbits of information, do the splitting, and even ensure that the faces talking remain in main focus.

Doesn’t that sound like pure witchcraft?

In our internal experiments, we found OpusClip doing a great job for Instagram and TikTok repurposing. 

Other top-of-the-line Gen AI tools for creators for repurposing content are - 

Supercharge your content strategy

How many of us wanted a crystal ball that could tell us whatever we asked when we were kids?

Well, sadly, that dream didn’t come true, but something better did – Gen AI content strategy. 

Having been trained on thousands of pieces of content and frameworks that have already proven effective, AI models can lay multiple roadmaps for content strategy with a high probability of winning. 

You can also feed your ideal client personas into these tools and ask them to curate your content calendars accordingly. 

Channel your creative energy to the areas you’re best at and let the cutting-edge Gen AI tools for content creation do the content’s heavy lifting for you. 

If you’re a complete beginner, start with Copy.AI -

- Easy to use interface

- GPT like copilot

- Use case segregation

For more advanced ad campaign generation, tops the charts.

And that’s a wrap!

It’s pretty clear that with new Gen AI platforms and use cases popping from every corner, content creation is never gonna be the same.

But as long as you have agility by your side, turning change into opportunity isn’t that hard. 

We at Socialtyze keep experimenting with and integrating the latest technology that, in one way or another, can benefit creators and help us tell better stories. 

Need some help with your campaigns? We’re just an email away. 

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