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How Big Brands Are Winning In Social Media

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We've all been there—scrolling through our social feeds and pausing on that one post that just catches our eye. 

Ever wondered how some brands just seem to 'get it' when it comes to social media? They're not just present – they're absolutely killing it with their out-of-the-box campaigns.

And you know what they say, “Learn from the best” - If you’re also running a business or planning to market one on social media, you can’t miss out on this curated list of three standout brands that are acing their social game. 

Let’s dive right in!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Ah, Dunkin'—the brand that's got us all running, not just for their coffee but to their social feeds too. John Costello, the CMO, wasn't kidding when he said, “It’s not just time to make the donuts — it’s time to go social.” 

From the get-go, Dunkin' knew its audience—hello, Millennials and Gen Z! In 2017, Dunkin' got cozy with Amazon's Alexa. Coffee quiz, anyone? Fast forward to 2019, and we've got Dunkin' emojis and GIFs. Because who doesn't want a donut emoji in their life? 

In other words, they jump on trends immediately and integrate their brand within. Branded Social is about relevant storytelling that integrates brand messaging in clever and fun ways. 

From memes to influencer marketing - the brand has been all about Munchkins lately. We’re sure you can’t get tired of Ben Affleck saying, “Alright someone’s a jokahhh” with a donut—whoever came up with the idea of making Batman the brand ambassador totally deserves a promotion. 

And if you thought that was cool, Dunkin' often turns their employees into TikTok ambassadors. Yep, you heard it right—they're not just serving coffee; they're serving content. Consumers like to see who is behind the scenes at a brand, making the content more relatable. 

Their secret – Know your audience, embrace the trends, and never, ever forget to have fun.


Chipotle knows how to roll a burrito and a killer social media strategy. The brand started by jumping on BeReal, a rather new photo-sharing app at the time, during their Boorito campaign. Their philosophy – No ads, just organic love. 

Result? A 1,000% YoY increase in BeReal installations and a massive boost in their brand awareness. (Source: Nation’s Restaurant News 2023)

Pandemic hits, Chipotle pivots. The brand didn't just guess what their fans wanted; they turned to social analytics to get the real scoop. By tuning into customer sentiments, they made data-driven decisions that hit the mark. 

Again, being relevant in the newsfeed is key. Culture moves quickly, but Big Brands don’t. If you want to catch consumers’ attention, build relevant content that is on cultural trends. 

Oh, and TikTok? They're nailing it. Partnering with Tariq, the corn-loving viral sensation, led to their highest-performing posts ever on both Instagram and TikTok. And if you're into Snapchat, Chipotle's got a lens that makes you exercise and meditate. Because, why not?


Yeti—the brand that's more than just a cooler — it's a lifestyle, a community, an adventure waiting to happen. Born from the passion of two brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, Yeti's sells their customers the dream of the great outdoors. (Source:  Domingo Media 2023)

When TikTok came knocking, Yeti answered, and guess what? They didn't have to "behave like TikTok" to fit in. Paulie Dery, the Chief Marketing Officer, had a simple mantra: "Get on TikTok and behave like yourself." And it worked, racking up a massive following of 8.7 million. 

From cinematic deep-dives to 150 outdoor enthusiasts repping the brand, Yeti's social game is as diverse as a cooler full of summer treats. Oh, and let's not forget their "Lost & Found" campaign—because sometimes, treasure washes ashore. See Yeti Ambassadors.

And wait, there's more. Pinterest, the platform you'd least expect, turned out to be a game-changer for Yeti. It helped shatter the stereotype and showed that Yeti can be for everyone, not just mountain men. 

Yeti recently dropped their Power Pink Collection, a hue inspired by "finding your own line," as they like to say. And guess what? The color is already doing its magic. Their #BuildForTheWild campaign, featuring candid snaps of campers using the exclusive collection, has made this variant the unicorn of outdoor gear—always talked about, always sold out.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, they rolled out the red carpet for 'The Ballad of Pecos Hank,' a cinematic masterpiece that's got everyone talking. The GOAT is what the world is calling it. 

So, there you have it!

Social media isn't just about posting pretty pictures or catchy one-liners anymore.

The best brands on social media know themselves extremely well and have done extensive work on Brand DNA and Strategy. It makes everything else easy. They also experiment constantly to find the winning ideas while asking three core questions before each:

Is it relatable?

Does it offer value?

Is it on brand?

Have fun using this abridged playbook to build a better social media experience for your customers and your brand. 

Got any questions? Our team at Socialtyze and its talented team of creators are happy to help with both strategy and content execution. 

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