To empower purpose-led companies solving today's greatest health and environmental problems by building tomorrow's iconic consumer brands.

PowerPlant Partners is a growth equity firm that invests in emerging consumer wellness companies. Over a two-day workshop session, Socialtyze’s strategists helped to build PowerPlant’s Brand DNA and Strategy to provide a clear and distinct direction for its business.  We helped to build the firm's Purpose, Promise, Archetype, Points of Difference, Reasons to Believe and other critical strategic guidelines to set a foundation for its positioning and growth.

“By guiding us through their Brand Strategy process, Socialtyze helped us land on a clear, compelling, and actionable brand DNA that elevated our mission, refined our strategy, and energized our team and partners to bring it all to life like never before.”
Mark Rampolla
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Powerplant Partners
and Founder of Zico Coconut Water

A Few of  Powerplant's Proud Partners

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