EMOTAÉ is a fashion house committed to honoring the individual character of every woman.

Socialtyze worked with the executive team at Emotaé to bring this new fashion brand from a mere concept to a full blown launch, all within 3 months. We helped Emotaé to build the foundational principles of its brand, providing it with a belief that "Character is Sexy" and is far more fascinating than looks.  Emotaé is the perfect embodiment of purpose with a sense style, allowing women to fall in love with the clothing while feeling the deeper sense and power of the brand.

“It was a pleasure working with Socialtyze to build and launch the EMOTAÉ brand. We are extremely happy with the creativity, professionalism and depth of their team across brand strategy, web development, social media and e-commerce. They have the unique talent to combine art and commerce and to capture a complete lifestyle.”
Bernd Kroeber
Founder of Emotae & Former Chief Creative Director of BCBG

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