Sunday Brunch
Interview + Performance

As part of our Immunity Boost Festival event, Socialtyze paired 2-time Grammy-winning artist, Colbie Caillat with Executive Chairman at Veggie Grill, T.K. Pillan to chat about her health-conscious journey, followed by a musical performance streamed live. Socialtyze conceived and produced the entire event, shot at Colbie’s house in Nashville. In addition, we produced and ran organic posts and paid social media ads on both Colbie and Veggie Grill social pages that drove sales on VG's website.

“The Socialtyze team are experts in matching brands with like-minded celebrities.  There is such a natural tie-in with Colbie Caillat and Veggie Grill which made for an excellent interview followed by a highly entertaining livestream concert.  We are extremely happy with the sponsorship program that Socialtyze created for us!”
T.K. Pillan
Exec. Chairman of Veggie Grill & Partner at PowerPlant Partners
"I’m thrilled to be part of the Immunity Boost Festival
as it's a powerful and unique platform to promote
healthier and more sustainable foods.”
-Colbie Caillat

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