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DemDebate Social Buzz Infographic

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Socialtyze’s Data Scientists used NetBase to analyze over 1 MM social media mentions to see what America was saying during the Democratic Debate last night. Biden took the night in terms of total volume of comments, which is the leading indicator for positive momentum. The sentiment for Sanders, however, was better by a 10-point margin.

ith the primaries moving to AZ, FL, IL, and OH on 3/17 and then to GA on 3/24, we looked at sentiment in those states which Sanders took by a healthy margin. Older voters, 55+, made up one-third of the social chatter with 18-34 year olds representing 28%. Sanders will clearly need to do a better job of activating the younger voters if he is going to make up ground. Not surprisingly, "Coronavirus" followed by "Health Care" were the leading topics of discussion in social followed by "The Economy" and "Climate Change".

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