The Sweetest Comeback


The Challenge

Hostess is America’s go to brand for delicious baked goods, including the world famous Twinkie. To help build hype around the return of popular Hostess products, Hostess came to Socialtyze to build an interactive social game that would drive engagement and awareness.

The Solution

Socialtyze developed a bracket challenge that was launched during the height of the college basketball season. Playing off the return of Hostess products, the bracketology was based on the best comebacks of all time. The campaign was supported from all corners with paid media, organic social posts and even all new packaging on Hostess products. Hostess set out to give away $5,000 and a variety of its products throughout the course of the campaign.







The bracket challenge app was a complete success with Hostess fans with over 80,000 visits from users. More than 150,000 users entered into the contest for chances to win a variety of prizes.