Shut In

Europacorp Films

The Challenge

Europacorp Films came to us to promote the release of its 2016 thriller film Shut In (Naomi Watts and Oliver Platt), targeting millennials, Gen Z and a particularly Hispanic audience. The core challenge was identifying content creators who could integrate clips from the trailer into their own original videos.


The Solution

We know horror is a serious film business, but to resonate across social media, influencer content had to be both compelling and entertaining to their respective audiences. Socialtyze recruited 12 content creators across various verticals to promote Shut In's release. With a strong presence on Instagram and Snapchat, the influencers produced custom video content intergrated with special trailer cuts from the film. From humorous to the unsettling, our influencers turned around some fantastic, high- quality original content (despite the tight production timeline).










Our influencers created 56 posts and did an outstanding job of crafting content that fit nicely within their normal social feeds and felt authentic to their personal brand. Even videos that weren’t of highest production value felt on-brand when viewed in the context of their normal feed—it felt seamless and less like an ad. The content that resonated most with audiences were videos that entertained but underscored the film’s dark tone and capitalized on jump scare elements from the trailer.