Paranormal Activity

Paramount Pictures

The Challenge

With the release date of the Paranormal Activity 3 Blu-ray/DVD combo rapidly approaching, Paramount Home Entertainment was pressed to spread awareness and gain a better understanding of its most active fan base. Socialtyze’s main challenge was to re-engage the community, which had laid dormant for months since the release. With millions of fans available to them, Paranormal Activity had a huge asset in its own Facebook Fan Base. After three movies, the franchise had built a strong relationship with its fans – made apparent by the huge spikes in engagement during the theatrical run.

The Solution

Socialtyze endeavored to create a truly immersive, interactive VR experience using Facebook 360. The video touched on the film’s themes, and included plenty of “Easter eggs” for the viewer to discover. With surprises, frights and delights coming from all angles, viewers are enticed to engage in repeat viewings. As a fun, strategic twist, we decided to cast social influencers and fans of Paranormal Activity to star in the video. The cross promotion coming from the influencers helped us to expand our reach and social prominence. We also partnered with gaming and entertainment behemoth IGN to further amplify distribution. As of mid-January, the video has been watched more than ONE MILLION TIMES.It should also be noted that this 360 video is the final piece of content that will ever come from the revered horror franchise, so we needed to give it a proper, ghostly disappearance…er sendoff