Paranormal Activity 3


The Challenge

With the release date of the Paranormal Activity 3 Blu-ray/DVD combo rapidly approaching, Paramount Home Entertainment was pressed to spread awareness and gain a better understanding of its most active fan base. Socialtyze’s main challenge was to re-engage the community, which had laid dormant for months since the release. With millions of fans available to them, Paranormal Activity had a huge asset in its own Facebook Fan Base. After three movies, the franchise had built a strong relationship with its fans – made apparent by the huge spikes in engagement during the theatrical run.

The Solution

Our solution was to leverage exclusive content that the fans could only find on DVD, and to highlight a different fan every week. Our content strategy was aided by our data findings, which helped us determine exactly when and where we should post. Working with Paramount Studios, we featured exclusive content and photos, making the Facebook page a destination for fans, especially as the DVD release drew near. By combining the right content with a data savvy strategy, we were able to successfully re-ignite the fanbase.


Increased Fan Growth


Increased Video Views


Viral Reach

The page peaked at exactly the right time, growing by nearly 1MM fans since the start of the DVD campaign. More importantly, after six weeks of teasing and with photo views and video plays going through the roof (nearly matching the highs of the theatrical release), it was clear that fans were ready and excited for the DVD release. Socialtyze had done exactly what we had set out to do – inspire the fans and communicate the value of the DVD in a way that matched the voice of the franchise.