Meal Mapper


The Challenge

Ore-Ida is the most trusted and popular name in the potato and onion business and they are the nation’s leading brand of frozen potatoes. Ore-Ida’s social team set out to strengthen brand loyalty and find a way to inspire its target audience – moms – to incorporate the brand into their everyday meals.

The Solution

Socialtyze designed a unique Facebook app called the Ore-Ida Meal Mapper, intended to bring the Ore-Ida brand into the daily lives of its target demographic. To strengthen awareness and engagement with the app, Socialtyze ran a number of ad types, including Sponsored Results, Page Like and App Share Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Like Ads and Standard Ads. To bolster the results of these ads, specific keywords and sponsored results were used to bring in fans who were most likely to engage with the Ore-Ida brand.




New Fans



Ore-Ida was able to successfully reach its target demographic: 98% of the app's users were female and 59.3% were within the 45-54 age range. The percentage of females engaging with Ore-Ida increased by 10% over pre-campaign stages, peaking at 96% during the campaign. The campaign's success can also be attributed to the high quality of engagement produced by the app.