#SnapIt Launch

Lose It!

The Challenge

Lose It! is a mobile application designed with one goal - to help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. The app, which has over 24 million members, recently released a new food image recognition feature called Snap It. To help bring awareness of the calorie counting genius Snap It feature, Lose it turned to Socialtyze to build some buzz.

The Solution

We partnered with seven foodie and health-focused influencers to create beautiful photos demonstrating how easy it is to use the feature. The influencers created 23 pieces of original content that encouraged followers to explore the app themselves while also driving positive engagement around making food tracking easy and fun. This influencer content showed fans how with a simple snap of a picture, you can track the calorie count of your entire meal. Banana - 105 calories. Avocado - 250 calories. Coffee with cream - 22 calories. Food tracking made simple.